Seeking Recommendations for Managing Projects + Freelancers

Hey all! So we have a full-time team, but we’ve also begun utilizing more freelancers. Of course, we’re working with amazing folks, but the last project almost sent me over the edge - I felt like I went back in time with emailed to-do lists where so. many. details. constantly got lost.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations / information on two fronts:

  • Legality: I know you can’t treat / expect freelancers to work like full-time folks. Is anyone aware of any legal details where I should not invite a freelancer to a project in Asana for tracking our progress?

  • Practicality: If a freelancer isn’t already familiar with Asana, I would love recommendations on how to on-board them or other recommendations. I do NOT want to go back to the dark ages of emailed to-do lists ever, ever, ever again. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sob: :sweat_smile:

On legality of sharing Asana specifically, that all depends on if you have any sensative data in Asana. Typically the project plan wouldn’t be considered sensative but that is not always the case.

Regardless of if your plan is or is not sensitive I’d get your freelancers to sign a mutual NDA, it’s what we do before onboarding anyone and mutual should always be the default IMO.