Seeking integration to automatically set dates

Hi all, I’ve tried to find an integration for what I’m trying to do, but haven’t had any luck, so I’m hoping that someone here can help me.

I operate a law practice, and I have each of my clients set up as a project in Asana. If a certain type of court hearing is booked, then we choose a “triggering date”, following which several deadlines arise, based on the triggering date and the hearing date (eg if it’s my application I have to file documents in 2 weeks after the triggering date, then others 6 weeks from the triggering date, then 7 weeks, then two weeks before the hearing, and I’d want a project to perform final preparations before the hearing. The deadlines are different if it’s the other side who brought the application, and whether there’s a cross-application.

It’s a huge pain in the butt to set all of the deadlines manually whenever this event arises. I’d love to just be able to input the triggering date, hearing date, and whether I’m applying or responding, and have that automatically create tasks. Or if the tasks could automatically be created if I add a task called “triggering date” or “special chambers hearing”.

Because the event only happens for some clients, doesn’t happen at the outset, has different deadlines depending on which side I’m representing, results in multiple deadlines, and might happen multiple times in one file, I haven’t been able to find a solution yet, despite trying several integrations after searching for answers. It’s not sufficient to copy another project, because I already have a client/project open with other tasks and deadlines, I can’t just start a new one.

Does anyone know which integration would be able to accomplish this?

Hi @Ken_Proudman and welcome to the forum!

Have you had a chance to give my integration Flowsana a try? Your requirements as listed are extremely complex and in truth Flowsana won’t be able to handle them all, but it’s probably as close as you’re going to come - honestly I don’t know of anything else that will come closer.

Flowsana lets you create subtasks from a template based on a rule trigger like the name of a task. What I think you need instead - this is something on the potential road map for Flowsana - is the ability to (a) create top-level tasks from a template and (b) automatically assign due dates to those tasks based on relative durations you specify in the template (like the relative durations and lag times in Flowsana’s Dynamic Duration workflows).