See all tasks I marked off as complete

Is there a way to see a comprehensive list of what tasks I have marked off as a complete, regardless of project?

Use case - I work across several project boards, owned by different people. I need to do an audit of what projects I’ve touched in the last week or month. Sometimes tasks are assigned specifically to me and other times, I just mark a task off so the owner knows it’s done. The task itself shows who marked the task as complete, but I can’t seem to find anything that shows completed by as a column or as a search feature in reporting.

Welcome, @Connie_Chen1,

What you point out is a deficiency, I’m sorry to say.

You can vote for this feature here:

Meanwhile, the best you can do is find the tasks assigned to you that are completed in a saved search to catch a lot of them, but the rest you’d have to search for completed tasks, not assigned to you, within the last period, and then look one-by-one at the stories (audit trail) to see who completed each one.


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