Is there a way for completed tasks to show as completed only for the person who ticked it?

We have certain procedures which our employees must go through, and tick off. However, is there a way so that other people won’t see what previous employees have ticked off? For example, if person A completes the first 5 tasks, it’ll show as completed on their end, but for person B who’s completed 0 tasks, it’ll show as incomplete.

Or would we have to create an entirely new project?

You can’t do this in Asana, if each person has to complete the same set of tasks then they each need their own tasks, either in various projects or the same project. If this is a checklist, maybe each person has a task with subtasks for steps. You can use the “Assign copies” feature to quickly assign an entire task-subtasks to several people.


Okay thank you!

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