Sections vs Tags

Hello. I am using the free version of Asana with some team members.

In projects, I have tasks set up in sections which is similar, but not exactly the same for each project. For example, I have Marketing & Communications tasks under that heading for each one.

Should the section name “travel” with the task when each individual views it in their “My Tasks”? Or should I instead be using tags for that?

For example, I want to look at all of my Marketing & Communications tasks across projects. Or look at all of my Logistics tasks across projects.

Any examples/use cases of how you do this would be useful as well. I have used Asana in the past rather extensively on a personal basis, but the team is showing interest so am beginning to make some task assignments and show them how we could use it effectively.


Welcome, @Pam,

In the free version (Asana Basic) you should use tags since it will be your only way to:



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