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My request is similar to Community Post on Including Sections I find myself using the Section feature quite a bit since Asana is pretty wide open and flexible, relying on user conventions/hacks to organize projects. I’ve started to have a Tag called “Section”, and this lets me eliminate search results that will include the Section I’ve created. But it would make more sense (to me) if Sections weren’t treated exactly like a Task except they have a colon at the end. Note: this works for my Tag names of “Note” and “Idea” for the same effect, as I jot down ideas and notes in Asana from my mobile app when in meetings. Some become tasks later, some are just notes and ideas.

Also, having some pre-created tags from a drop down, that are based on “best practices” from the Community forums with how that tag might be used would be super helpful for folks trying to lasso down some ways to use Asana in their organizations.



Could you search have some kind of "does not contact : " condition instead of using the tag?