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I see from the guide to Timelines that Sections are being slowly rolled out to Premium customers. How do we find out when this roll-out will complete?

I appear not to have this functionality yet, unless I’m missing something, but would find it really useful in a variety of use cases. Could somebody share a screenshot of creating/enabling sections in the Timeline view, as I can’t find one (only of Sections having been created)? Are they copied across from columns in the Board view if they are enabled in Timeline?

Asana Release Notes, August 2018

@Andrew_Taylor - here’s an example!

It is copying the sections directly from List View - I don’t have a board project set up with sections and dates, so unfortunately can’t claim it translates from Board Columns.


Hi @Andrew_Taylor and welcome to the Asana Forum!

We’re slowly rolling this feature out to ensure a smooth transition. Unfortunately there is no easy way to check when this feature will be available for your account, but sit tight, it shouldn’t take too long :slight_smile: Note that this feature is currently only available for List projects, but hopefully this is something we can extend to Board projects in the future!


I love the Sections in the Timeline! It makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on, especially when you have a large project.

Having a weird thing with it though, yesterday, I had access to Sections. However, I just checked my project today and the sections are gone from Timeline.

Did the deployment get rolled back?



Yes @Don_Squires but they will be back very soon; we just need to make a few adjustments!


Awesome, looking forward to seeing them again! Thanks!


Great addition! Like “swim lanes,” as requested from folks here.

I noticed the Guide article mentioned that Sections were also optional and could be turned off, but I can’t see how to do this other than changing the sort from None to By Due Date or By Start Date (another nice feature). So can/will be possible to not group by sections in a None sort if that’s desired for some use cases?


Larry Berger
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Thanks for your feedback @lpb; also I love the “swim lanes” analogy!

And yes, correct; as it stands, Sections will automatically show up in your Timeline; the only way to work without them is to sort your project by due date/start date I’m afraid!


Hi! Can we please make this accessible on boards also? I feel like there’s so many limitations with each new feature that’s getting rolled out. And while I realize this is completely separate, the ability to switch from lists to boards without having to redo an entire project would be amazing!


Hi @kbuchanio and thanks for the feedback, this is definitely something we’re hoping to bring to Board in the future, so stay tuned!


Yes, Can’t wait for this!


Our main project is set up using the board view, but the columns do not correspond to the sections that we would like to use.

E.g. columns are: Testing, Deployed etc.
Sections would be: Development, Marketing etc.

Can we expect the option to setup custom sections independently on the list / board arrangement? If yes, can you give a hint when this is going to be available?

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