Sections in the list view stop working when two instances of Asana are opened on two monitors

I work A LOT in Asana and often find myself opening task lists in two different projects on two monitors. And the behaviour I get is that Asana collapses all sections. After that you cannot expand any sections and see the task list until you close one tab or switch to another tab leaving only one Asana tab active.
Is it an intended Asana behaviour or a bug?

Tech: MacBook Air M2, Sonoma, Acer FullHD monitor, latest Chrome browser

Hi @Вадим_Кузенков I have moved this to the bug section just in case - should get you a response.

Hi @Вадим_Кузенков, sorry for the trouble. I can’t seem to be able to replicate this on my end. Can you confirm if you have the same behavior in incognito or in a different browser? If possible, could you send me a screencast of the issue in a private message?