Sections disappeared in My Tasks List but they are in My Tasks Board

I’m new to Asana. Sections were fine from the beginning then all the sudden they are not displaying in My Tasks List, but the do display in My Tasks Board. How do I get my sections to display again in My Tasks List? Melissa Airoldi Austin Community College Enterprise 512-576-0114

Steps to reproduce: Just switch from My Tasks List to Board

Browser version: Chrome fairly new version

Upload screenshots below: I don’t see an upload button

Hi @Melissa_Airoldi,

You’ve probably set a sort order in your List view. In the upper right of the view, try changing the Sort to “None” and see if that does the trick.


Just checked my Android phone and the sections DID display in My Tasks List

That worked! Thanks for fixing. I changed Sort to “None” and now my sections display in My Tasks List

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