Search for task by date last commented or moved sections

I have a saved search that shows all tasks modified within the last day assigned to certain individuals but it’s too broad. I want to search for all tasks either commented on or moved sections within the last day. Is this possible?

I tried adding a custom field called “Modified Date” and a rule to change it when the task is commented on or moves sections but task actions can’t set custom fields of type date.

Welcome, @anon49598365,

Date type custom fields are fairly new so the expectation is that this will one day be supported in rule actions, but it isn’t yet.

The only reasonable solution I can think of would be:

  • Trigger: Any one of these multiple triggers (add with +):
    • Comment added
    • Task moved to a section
  • Action:
    • Add task to another project “Changed in last day”

Create project “Changed in the last day” which can be private if you want. Whenever you review those changes (daily, perhaps), just make sure to remove all tasks (un-home) from this project to set up for your next review cycle. You could move them to another project like “Reviewed pas changes” to keep an aging of them if helpful.

Hope that helps,