Search for and attach files previously loaded to Asana

It’d be great to be able to search for and ‘attach’ files that have already been uploaded to asana rather than having to reattach them each time you want to find it. Permissions could just allow people to search files from projects and/or tasks they are part of.

We use Asana to manage marketing projects that usually have a design or graphic asset involved. For an email task, for example, there’s subtasks for writing the copy, editing it, making any necessary graphic assets, and then creating the email in our email system. If the designer uploads the file to the graphic creation task, it’s annoying to go find. If they attach it to the larger file itself, the person creating the email can’t always find it. If we could just search through previously uploaded files, we could make it easier for people (who don’t always have context of the whole project) to have the info and assets they need easily.

If it’s a series of emails all using the same task, we’d be able to easily attach the previously used asset by searching for it in our Asana instance.

And god forbid we want to use an asset from a previous task in a different one (for example…a logo file), Asana must have 100s of duplicate files uploaded to their system for just that reason. It’s hard to maintain consistency that way too.

I confirm that this would make our lives a lot easier…

Our workflow:

  • There is one “master” task to design and implement a new interface
  • We do the work to design the interface in one subtask
  • The designer uploads the final design to the subtask
  • The person leading the “master” task has to download the design and reupload it to the following subtask (“implement design”)

Having to download the design to reupload to the following subtask is… problematic to say the least