Search API for Projects

Hi team,
I am having more than 150 projects. So i need to search the projects with starts with. But i couldn’t find any API to achieve this.
Awaiting for your response.

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I think it does not exist. You have the search API for tasks but not projects.

Hi Bastien, Thanks for the reply. Any idea in upcoming days?
And if i create a task means for the same task i am getting more than 2 webhook calls.
can you plz check this?
It irritating and there is no duplication webhooks creation. Only 1 webhook is created but getting more than 2 calls.
Thank you.

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I am not working for Asana, just a community member. I suggest you create a separate post for your webhook issue. No idea if a search endpoint for projects is coming. cc @Joe_Trollo

Ok thanks Bastin.

Hi @G111 - you might also want to take a look at the Typehead API (projects are supported there).

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Phil is always there when we need him! This is exactly what he needs :heart:

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When i create a task i am getting multiple trigger notifications(task created/due added/ project added/description added) each seperately with multiple events.
I need to avoid this duplication. Plz help me on this.

There’s currently no way to avoid what you’re seeing. The Asana events stream is known to be “noisy” in that way. You’ll have to deal with those multiple notifications on your end.

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