Scope Forecasting - Advanced Custom Formula

Asana PLEASE prioritize this! The custom fields are great, but it’s still missing some critical functionality to created better project insights. For example, a critical insight on Time + Materials projects is the ability to forecast if a project is going to go over scope.

Project Manager’s working on Time and Materials projects, need to be able to create a Scope Forecast custom field >> “Scope Forecast” = Actual Time + Effort/Estimated Time Remaining (estimated time - actual time).

We were set this up using the the custom formula fields, using the equation above; however if the effort remaining (estimated time - actual time) is negative, the Scope Forecast Field “adds” the negative number and decreases the Forecasted Scope (which then falsely removes hours from the total time needed to complete the project instead of adding hours).

To resolve this formula error, we need a way within the advanced custom fields to force the “Effort Remaining” field, when negative (ie: -6) to convert to 0. With this ability (adding “if” statements?), PM’s would be able to forecasting whether projects are going to come in under scope or over scope.

HELP! Could you prioritize adding “if” statements to advanced custom formula fields (or a similar solution) so that we can get this critical insights for our projects?