Remaining Time in Ticket & Workload Overview

Dear asana Support-Team,
we use the Asana Business plan and do struggle with one important issue:
For us as a design agency it would be very important to see the remaining time of a ticket – the “estimated time” minus “ the tracked “actual time”.
This would help us to get an overview of our “real” capacities if we track our times via asana.
At the moment the whole “estimated time” is shown, and this can not show us how much time a person already spent on working at the ticket and how much time is still left.

For example:
Estimated time: 5h
Actual Time: 1h
Remaining time: 4h

How can this be shown in the ticket and the workload?

Thank´s a lot for your support!
BR Marina

Hi @Marina_Hohns , you can definitely create a very simple formula field to achieve this.
Take a look at Formula fields in the Asana guide here to see how to add them and how they work: Formula custom fields – Asana Help Center

For your case, in any project, you could use the Formula’s basic editor to create a formula (Estimated time - Actual time). Call the field ‘Remaining time’ and add it to your custom field library.

Then go to your Portfolio’s workload and change the effort from ‘Estimated time’ (top right of your screenshot) to your newly created ‘Remaining time’ field.

While changing the effort field, Asana will ask you whether you want to add the ‘Remaining hours’ custom formula field to ALL the projects within the portfolio. This is a super-fast and easy way of doing just that, without going into all your projects to add this formula field. So check the relevant box and then click ‘Add effort’, and voila!

Your workload should now show all remaining time that each person has on outstanding tickets.
Great use case, let me know if you have any questions!

PS: In your Portfolio’s List view, you can also add a Roll up of your ‘Remaining hours’ custom formula field to see how many total remaining hours are left within the project (summed up from all tasks/tickets that have estimated and actual time).

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Dear @Richard_Sather , thank you so much for your qick respond!
That was very easy to solve – perfect, just what we were looking for :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards,

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Glad to help @Marina_Hohns :smiley: