Scheduling Assistant for Team Meetings

Hey all! I am fairly new to Asana and I am trying to understand the most efficient workflow possible for scheduling team meetings within the platform. Previously our team of 22 utilized the scheduling assistant in Outlook to assist in scheduling meetings that worked for everyone that needed to be present. I know you can see “team” calendars, but I would have to look at about 15 of those and try and remember where everyone has time available not to mention those calendars will not show personal appointments or PTO.

I would be satisfied if at least I could continue to use the Outlook scheduling assistant, but I am afraid the Asana integration (as far as I can tell) does not allow me to create a task from a meeting in Outlook.

I am sure there is some sort of solution that I am not seeing since Asana is so widely used. I doubt everyone blind schedules their meetings, huddles, group sessions etc. and hope everyone shows up. Any tips about this would be appreciated!

Hello @Austin_Crawford,

team calendar might help? Team Page & Calendar | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Keep in mind that would only show tasks from a specific team though and of course depends on whether everybody in the team schedules all their meetings in Asana or they use a calendar in outlook/google as well for example.

Now for using outlook and google calendar here is an option to ensure everything gets added to Asana automatically: Automatically create Asana task from Outlook Calendar event - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Here is some more info on setting up meeting projects.

Seems like for now the scheduling assistant in outlook will have to do, but this will become more difficult as tasks and meetings for team members start to be placed in Asana, and since there is no two-way calendar integration I can see this getting very messy very quickly.

Yeah correct there is no two way sync calendar integration yet.

I recommend upvoting this feedback request thread: Real time, two ways Calendar integration

In this post some workarounds mentioned as well (other plugins)