Schedule meetings on Asana calendar?


Our company currently uses Google calendar to schedule meetings and share times with the rest of the team. There are some complications with it that make sharing calendars very buggy.
Is there a way to show meeting times, for individuals within a team, through the Asana calendar? Maybe a task can be assigned not only a date, but also a time? Maybe there is an add-in that can help?


@michelle You can add time in 1/2 hour increments in the same place as the due date. When I looked on my calendar view the task and the time shows up. Hope this helps.


@James_Carl - It does! I’ll play with it and see if it can work for the team. Thank you!


@michelle You can have a multiple Team Calendar also by 1. Setting up a Project called Organization Calendar within some Team. Then you can add the project in any task within any Team. Set due date and due time. Then just hit team calendar within the Team you put the Organizational Project or Project Calendar for the project you set up called Organizational Calendar. I tested and this seemed to work.