"Save default view just for just me" Option for Projects

Hi Lysak does this work on windows os?
Are there any readme docs to run this?

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  • browser with Tampermonkey extension
  • English language in asana
  • need to click Raw button on gist script page
  • in a new tab will be open Tampermonkey installation script page

after installation need to refresh asana page with cache Cmd+Shift+R (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Seriously? Saving individual custom views or filters is not possible? :no_mouth:
This would really make things a loooot better. Thank you.


Yeah we have a massive need for this feature, to allow users to default to looking at their assigned tasks would make it so much easier to use - suppose it will differ in each case - but having the option would be very useful - is there any word on when it may get discussed?

Any update on this? Has this really not been fixed yet?

Why is this not possible yet? Easy to carry out but with a huge effect for us users.

Change my view, and set a default view for the team.
So you are always able to set the view to your personal needs but are still able to go back to the default project view.

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Hi guys,

We are currently building a Project thats going to be used for ordering workers apparel by our groupleader. Since we want all orders in one place every group gets their own section in the project.
I want to have the standard view filtered by incomplete and assigned to me. But now it is filtered by assigned to Dario instead it would be awesome if assigned by me would be dynamic so that a group leader doesnt need to set their own filters.

Hello @DJ_Kie,
Currently you can set a default view per project however that view will be saved for everybody.

There is an existing feedback request thread about this topic so I have merged your post over. The votes have been transferred too.


Not only would a personal default layout be helpful but the ability to save multiple personal layouts featuring various combinations of filters and sorts would be quite helpful, as the alternative is unproductive repetitive keystroking.


…within a project as well as within a portfolio!

Thanks Andrea! :slight_smile:

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At the very least - make the UI more obvious that “Save layout as default” is NOT just for me. I had to google and find this thread to determine if it was a user-level setting or project setting.


I think we are missing a huge boat here: Save Default Just for me is the wrong way to go about this, what we need to be able to do is “save named filters for a board” AKA quick filters. How can this not be a thing?

Saved searches are useless cause there is no way to group the data by the status etc :frowning:

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Is there no Chrome extension available to help us all with this issue? Doesn’t look like Asana is cooperative on this.


How exactly will one look at complete and one at incomplete? First of all, complete and incomplete what? And second, it’s the exact same data, just shown differently. I prefer a list, my colleague prefers a board. We both see exactly the same data and we have absolutely no problem talking about work…

Did you, or anyone, find a solution to this?? It seems so counter intuitive to have to create a separate dashboard for each person on the team when a simple “Me” filter on Assignee with 1 dashboard would do the trick!

Is there a way to save a default view in a portfolio? For example, when I switch to a specific portfolio, I would like it to open to the workload view with the projects expanded inside it. Thank you.

Very needed feature, is there a launch plan?

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Years later and we still want this feature. Please Asana team get this in!