Same Domain Different TEAMS

Hello iam founder of DIgital Adventure . I own the domain . I signed up on Jan 1st 2024 . Suprisingly i found a team of 14 members with same domain name for their emails . Im still schocked how can someone who are not even part of our organization are on asana with same domain ?? does asana doesn’t do any domain verification before accepting people as super admin ??? NEED AN ANSWER FOR THIS

Hi @Praneeth_Machukuri , 2 questions:

  1. Were the 14 people members of your team (past or present) with legitimate emails?
  2. Were any of them super admins of the organization?

People can sign up for Asana with their emails (e.g. teams that want to try it out), but when you sign on for an organizational plan, it aggregates everyone with an Asana account by domain. Super admins of orgs have to perform DNS verification (see here for more on that).

1.Those 14 members are not with valid emails , all those are fake emails

  1. Inhave done my DNS Verification for Super Admin, that is completed . Im the super Admin but there is no option to remove those teams and members

@Praneeth_Machukuri - From the admin console, if you click on Members from the sidebar to bring up your org’s full member list, are you able to click the 3 dots next to a member’s name and remove them? From the member list, if you click on yourself, select the Team Access tab, and add yourself to all teams. That should allow you to go in and delete those invalid teams.

If you’re not able to do either of these things as a super admin, you might need to reach out to Asana’s support (go to this link) and use the chatbot to initiate a new ticket).

Am not able to see those members list , only 1 member which i invited can see

If those are fake emails, then they were not able to complete the login process. They probably show up in the “invited” list. Click on “member type” and you’ll find another type listing them all.
Asana can’t know whether or not an email is fake, except by sending a confirmation email, which they do.

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