Sales Targets against current Sales figures


I have many deal tasks that show in each the sales amount.

I have done charts showing the amounts of all the deals related to certain criteria.

What I need is a graph showing a comparison between the Sales Target and the current Sale. I couldn’t put these figures in the same graph.

Any advice?


Samer Jaber

Hi @Samer_Jaber ,

Is your workflow basically that each task represents a deal, which has a target/estimated amount and an actual amount that gets populated at close (essentially a CRM)? Or, does each “deal” task have an amount and each person (or department, or product, or whatever your groupings are) have a target, which might span multiple deals, for a given timeframe?

I think this would be a good use case for goals. Basically, you would set your target(s) and then add the applicable deals to those goals so you can track performance against them.

Thank you Stephen for your reply,

In fact, our company has multiple sub-companies under it and each one of them has a Sales target that needs to be reached.

I have done charts for Sales amount done for each sub-company but I need to compare each one of them with its set target… Is there ant chart or any workaround solution to play around so that I can see both values on the same graph?

If not, how do I set targets in the “Goals” Section? and how to add tasks to it?


Hi @Samer_Jaber ,

Ah, I may have slightly misled you on goals (sorry, I’m only just getting up to speed on them myself). As of right now, if you want to track a numeric goal (like sales target vs actuals), it is something you’d need to manually update.

I don’t think you can exactly do what you’re looking for (single charts with data from multiple fields). What you could consider:

  1. Have a project with a task for each of your sub-companies and a field called sales target. Set the target for each company there. Have a separate project called Sales funnel (or whatever) and track all your deals there with a field called Deal value. Create a dashboard and sum up the deal value for each company in one chart, and “sum” (should only be one value per company) the sales target for each company in another chart side-by-side. You could use a “Number” chart instead of a graph and just have two side-by-side numbers for each company (Deal Value : Sales Target).
  2. Use portfolios to rollup sales funnel data. Have a separate field for that specific funnel’s target. E.g. below:

Thank you so much… Appreciate your help

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