RuntimeError [500] integromat

Hello, I’m having the following error in integromat when I run a scenario:

Could you help me to solve this problem? I’ve been using this scenario for 5 months and I’ve never had this type of errors. I don’t understand why if i’ve not changed anything, it’s happening.

Thank you


Hi there @Nacho_Cornello

We tried to recreate the scenario on our end and all worked ok multiple times. The error seems to be thrown by Asana so you might need to contact the Support Team.

One thing you could try before reaching out to Asana, though, is to try to upload:

  • a shorter project name
  • a shorter note

and see if it goes through. It seems that you’re trying to upload quite long texts so this might be a thing to consider. But like I said - all was working well when we were testing this.

Sorry to not be bringing more specific information