Error 500 with no explanation -- Trying to use Integromat to copy a project from one workspace to another

This is all I got from the Duplicate Project module in Integromat:


[500] Oops! An unexpected error occurred while processing this request. The input may have contained something the server did not know how to handle. For more help, please contact and include the error phrase from this response.


Any ideas on how exactly to identify what’s going wrong?
Obviously I will reach out to API Support email, but to make sure I can get the help needed, I wanted to ask for input on how to find the error response (since it isn’t displayed here).

cc: @Michaela_S


Hey guys, hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart, Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

‘Error 500’ means Internal Server Error, i.e. Asana server. This type of error appears when there is no more specific message possible. We’ve tested the module on our end and all worked well :thinking: are you still experiencing the issue?

For errors with code 4xx, you can use this Integromat Chrome extension which displays all the error messages. Just a bit of info for the future as it won’t help with this particular error.

If you’d ever like to learn more about the theory behind error processing and error handling in Integromat, you can check out this section of our help center.

Hope this helped clarify the issue. If you have any questions, fire away :slight_smile:

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@Michaela_S - thanks so much for your response and input. For context, I was trying to use the module to duplicate a project from one Asana account to another, but I have admin access in both accounts, so I’m not sure what may be happening. I’ll keep tinkering to try and figure it out. Thanks again!

And, many thanks @Phil_Seeman for jumping in to connect me w/ Michaela! You all are wonderful. :slight_smile:

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Happy to help, @Bry_ProjectKickstart!

Good luck with the project duplication, and if you have any questions or if anything’s unclear, feel free to tag me/DM me and I’ll see how I can help :slightly_smiling_face:

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