Integromat: Asana Operation Timeout

Hello, does anyone know this, im using integromat to create asana task, but the system noticed me that it has error occurred " The system operation time out", but then i Saw that asana still create the task and even made the triple for the task, what can i do with this case? Is asana error or my integromat?

@Michaela_S maybe you can help (she works at Integromat, now called Make)

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Hi Asana pros, when I create task via Integromat, the system inform me that “The system operation time out” but after that, I check on Asana and see double or triple task was created. Could you help me with this situation?

@Michaela_S might be able to help, she works for Integromat ( now)

hello, @Michaela_S , i think that integromat and asana itergration have a big problem, why it always show error: * The operation timed out
how can i fix it or how long integromat or asana handle it?, Thank you

I remember having a problem of timeout when trying to list projects in Integromat and the answer I was given was “just use the project gid, don’t try to search for your project”. I don’t know if this helps.

i dont use anything to search in the project, just use asana module to create task, and it error: timeout

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@here Hey guyyyys, so sorry for the delayed reply!

We tried testing the “Create a task” module on our end and all was working for us :thinking:

If it is still a connection timeout I would recommend removing the old connection and creating a new one.

Also, it would be very helpful if you could share a screenshot of the module configuration so that we can potentially investigate further.

Thanks a lot!