Rules triggering and running simultaneously

I noticed rules in a project can run simultaneously, and this can lead to undesired results. I have a project with a form, and I have some custom fields mapped to the form with rules for certain answers. The form boils down to asking a few Yes/No questions, and for each Yes I want to add subtasks to the task that is created. Each rule adds subtasks related to the custom field on which the rule is based. Ideally, a task with 3 Yes responses would look like this:

However I’ve found that when the form is submitted, all of the rules will trigger simultaneously and start to add their subtasks at the same time, interlacing the subtasks like this:

Has anyone found a good workaround to this? I’m hoping Workflows helps as more features are released, but I can’t think of a solution to this without going outside of Asana. Thanks

Hi @Anthony_Tamalonis, thanks for reaching out.

It looks like the problem here is not that Rules are running simultaneously (as they are still being generated in the same order) but that they are not being organised under the subsections as you would like - is this true?

If so, it’s not possible to have subtasks auto-organised into subsections at this time but feel free to create a thread in the #productfeedback to request this :slight_smile:

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