Rules: trigger custom webhooks

I use to create automations. I want to be able to have Rules in Asana trigger a Make webhook. I know I can set up webhooks in Make to watch Asana, but there is no way to limit the webhook getting triggered by changes to specific custom fields.

I use a similar process in ClickUp, which allows me to use webhooks as actions in my automations. Would be nice if Asana could match that.

This indeed does not exist in Asana. However you could have in Asana the trigger you expect, and as an action you can multi-home the task into a specific project. Then in Make you use “new task in project” as a trigger. Somehow using a proxy-multi-home.

Would that work?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman,
I appreciate the response! While not ideal, I think it could be a workaround.

It seems like my use-case would be pretty common, so it’d be great if it could be considered in the future as a feature. Am I posting in the right place for feature requests?


Yes you are :muscle:

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