Rules to schedule my workdays

Hi! I have a task list in Asana what works best for me. I have sections called ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘in two days’ and ‘later’. I have recurring tasks every day and every week, which I want to automatically reschedule in my task list (so when I checked it today, I want to see my daily task again in the section tomorrow - but only the recurring tasks with are all setup). What is the way to go here?

Also, it seems that my rules for tomorrow and in two days are not working properly. They are setup the same as the rule for ‘today’ which is working just fine. I am quite a newbie in Asana but so much in love how this working from all the planners I have worked with. Hopefully this topic will update my workflow even more.

One more remark: I am aware tasks are placed in their section at 01.00 am :slight_smile: