Rules only apply if field has changed, not if the field equals a value

Unless I’m missing something, a field must be changed for a trigger. When a task is submitted via a form, I need to route these tasks based on the status of a custom field used in the form. The only choice for a trigger is [FIELD] has changed to (value), not [FIELD] equals (value).

Hello @Brent_Watkins,

You are right. The wording being used in the UI is misleading in this use case. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that if you set the rule using the “field has changed” option, when a task is submitted, the rule will trigger, and the task will be routed as per your rule.

So the Custom Field has technically not really “changed” because it has entered the system with a value already, but Asana will still see it as “field has changed” and trigger the rule.


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