Rules not editable or at least SAVE is greyed out after I create them

Any rules I am creating in a project, once created, I cannot change. For example, I have a rule if a task is put into a certain section, it is auto-assigned, and a link is created. THe rule works, but I wanted to change the title after and also edit one step. None of my changes are retained as the SAVE button remains greyed out.

I’m using the latest stand-alone app on OSX, but the problem is there on a browser as well.

EDIT: In the example above I changed the title to Patreon and as you see the SAVE is not available.

I am also having that same issue which is requiring me to rebuild the whole project because I can’t update the rules. Please fix!

Hi @Chris_Caouette and @Jeremy_Sloan sorry for the trouble. I could not replicate this on my end, but I’ve flagged the issue to our Developers for investigation. Hope to have an answer shortly!

like Sloan, Jeremy reacted to your message:

Hi everyone, our Developers are still investigating this case, but would you be able to test if recreating the the trigger/action or rule solves the problem? Thank you!

I’ve actually tried recreating all of them, and the issue remains. Once created I can no longer change it. All I can do is delete it and make a new one.

Hi @Chris_Caouette thank you for confirming and sorry to hear that. I’ve let the Developers know and will keep you posted.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I can create this rule and save it once, but once it’s saved and I open it again for editing the save button is blacked out, any changes are lost.
Note: I have 5 other custom rules on this project which all work. This is the only one relating to task added to project

Steps to reproduce:
Create custom rule. publish rule, re-open rule to edit, save button is greyed out

Browser version:
Chrome 120.0.6099.217

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?
don’t know
Upload screenshots below:
Save button greyed out

Working tasks with un-editable one in orange

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I’m experiencing this same issue

Hi @Nicholas_Timperon this issue has already been escalated to our developers, and they are currently working on a fix. I’m merging this topic with the original thread as we will keep posting updates there.


@Vanessa_N Do you have any updates on this HUGE issue? This is causing major problems in my projects.

Hi @Jeremy_Sloan, the Development team is still working on a fix for this issue, but unfortunately they cannot confirm an ETA yet. If anything changes, they will let me know and I’ll be sure to share the updates.

Is my only workaround at this time is to rebuild all the rules that won’t save?

Hi everyone, I’ve just received an update from our Developers that a fix for this issue has been deployed! Please refresh your Asana, and if the problem persists, let me know :slight_smile:


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