Rules Issue - Fields are updating in Approval subtask but not the main task

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We had a rule setup so when an approval was changed to Approved, it would change the “Request Status” field in the main task to “Approved”.

Since the rules update to Asana, this seems to have broken the rule so now it only updates the inherited field in the subtask and not in the main task.

We have tried “Run rule on Tasks” and “Run rule on tasks and subtasks”.

Steps to reproduce:
Selecting Approved in the approval subtask, should cause the rule to trigger in the main task.

Browser version: Chrome - Version 117.0.5938.63

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)? Business

Upload screenshots below:


Main task isn’t updating

Subtask is inheriting the fields and updating the field in there instead.


Both in the classic and new rule builder, my understanding is that actions always apply only to the task or subtask that matched the trigger.

It sounds like you want a subtask trigger to update the parent task, and that’s not supported (except for trigger Subtasks marked complete).



Thanks for that, the staff member was assuring me it was working correctly before the update.

They must have been wrong in that case then.

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