[Rules] Automation include “Add Approval”

Thanks Phil,

That does clear things up quite a bit, thanks. So it seems that they are the same “object” from a programming point of view. But I would say that functionally (i.e. from a user’s point of view) they are still different things. When you are setting up trigger, “approval status” refers to the approval status of the main task. When you are setting up an action, “approvals” means creating separate subtasks that have their own approval status. It would make things a lot clearer if the “Approvals” action was renamed as “Approval subtasks” (or similar).

So yes, those two requests would be very helpful. (From the comments here, they’d be more helpful than the recent addition of approvals on subtasks.)

It sounds like Flowsana would be a worthwhile addition, and I will look into it. I do bristle at the thought of having to pay someone else to fix some fairly basic and non-exotic functionality that should be part of what we are already paying Asana for, but maybe I need to be more pragmatic about this.


Just adding a +1 that this would be a VERY appreciated feature for Asana to implement. (and I dont find the sub-task approvals useful, for many reasons already shared above). Thank you!

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What i meant was + 1000, but couldn’t preview markup in this WYSIWYG

I’ve just run into this myself.

I’m making some forms+rules for approval processes between departments.

In adding the approvals rules, i thought it would be adding the “for approvals” yet it is just a sub task… why not add the main task first before we get worried about subtasks.


This features needs to be pushed right up there… its now holding back a heap of automation that i thought Asana would be able to handle. As a business customer I don’t feel I should be reaching for another third party automation tool to handle this.

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Sorry, this doesn’t seem to have worked. its just adding approval subtasks only.

  1. Google Form → Coming into Asana (all good)
  2. Rule → Assign to a person → Message person in slack → Assign a tasks (all good)
    … and… Set this task as an approvel (Falls over)

Because the next rule says:
3) When task is approved → Send to section … etc etc … but its only the Subtask that is approved

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+1 :bangbang: This definitely seems like one of those “no brainer” actions that should be built-in to the rules engine… It seems like there must be a disconnect on the Asana product team side where wanting to have tasks created by a Form and then setting the task created with the results of that form as an Approval just… isn’t considered a valid workflow?

As this thread has already gone through in great detail, making Approval subtasks just doesn’t cut it :frowning:

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Agreed!! We don’t use the Approvals functionality in Asana for this reason.

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It’s still impossible to have Add Approval automatically?? and the same with Zapier.
Asana is very expensive we could expect to have an update on it.

3 years later and this is still not a feature… What tha??

It seems these little things blocking automation aren’t moving very quickly through Asana development. Should this be a concern before our team gets too deep into Asana platform?

Does every user in your organization need flowsana for the rules to run properly or is it only needed by a single person who manages the rules of a project?

Hi @Ashuah_Tomlin,

Only one person needs to have an account to create the rules/workflows. But keep in mind that pricing is based on users in the team, not on number of Flowsana accounts; you can see more info here: Pricing and Billing FAQ - Flowsana Help Center

To clarify on this use case, can Flowsana allow for default of “Set for Approval” for a submission via form or really any task that is added to a section in a project (not just a subtask)? There were discussions above that subtasks can’t trigger rules but that doesn’t seem to be a roadblock anymore? I see the option in Actions for Flowsana but just wanted to confirm this is indeed at the task level and not subtask.


we have still no solution on it? And seems easy to add no? And why it’s not available with Zapier or Make? Maybe it’s a request for the API teams?

sorry, but we don’t want to use and pay for Flowasana when we already pay for a Business or Enterprise account, especially when using Make or Zapier.