Rule variable People field should show profile name rather than email address

I believe this is a bug that should be escalated.

When using a People field as a variable in the following rule actions…

  • Set task title to
  • Set task description to
  • Create task
  • Create subtask
  • Create approval
  • Add comment

…the result is the email address of the user, rather than their profile name. Additionally, where appropriate, such as in a description or comment, one would expect the result to @ mention the person, providing a link to their profile, as per current behaviour in such surfaces. Instead, their email is displayed in raw text (not even hyperlinked as an email).

IMO, this issue makes this variable unusable.

Rule setup (People field is called ‘Designer’):

Result: all actions display the email, rather than the profile name.

Note that similar People-type variables, such as Rule triggerer, Task creator and Assignee have the following options which could also be applied to the People custom fields:


Or simply group People custom fields under the ‘People’ variable category where one would expect to find it…?

Pinging @Marie


Agreed! And in particular I feel the options for Name, Email, etc. should be available as you suggested at the end. for several reasons.

Any reason you didn’t post this in Product Feedback?



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Glad you agree, @lpb !

Because I felt it is more of a bug, but there’s no more bug section :person_shrugging:

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I just tried it and in the description, I got the person’s name in an @ mention, and I got a task created with the full URL rather than the link which ic clickable. Very confusing!

Hi @Richard_Sather and thanks for the report. Given we can reproduce and that displaying email addresses vs actual names can be very confusing I’ve moved this thread to Critical Bugs and escalated internally. I’ll keep you posted when I have an update!


Thanks, @Marie !


Hi everyone, apologies for the delay! We’ve received an update from our Product team, and they’ve confirmed that this isn’t exactly a bug but certainly a product opportunity.

To provide context, the ‘people’ custom field isn’t intentionally supported in Dynamic Values (variables) right now, but our Product team acknowledged that supporting this would be very powerful and have added it to their list of priorities for the near future. I’m not able to share an ETA or more precise information yet, but as soon as we have updates, we’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear, @Vanessa_N !
Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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