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Hey Asana Team! Love love love the product.

I’m part of a training and QA team in the Customer Success department of my organization. We have rubrics that we complete on each new team member throughout their 90 day onboarding.

I’m currently exploring how to build this out in Asana on personalized boards for each new team member. But wanted to put this out as a request as something built out specific to this would be super helpful! And then maybe a week to then share that rubric/progress section with another board for HR.

If this is already a functionality, please let me know. If you want to know more about how I picture this working, let me know. Thanks!

@Jordan_DeSimone welcome to the forum and glad you are loving the product. I’m interested to learn more about what you envisioning. Do you have a sample or mock up in some environment outside of Asana today?

Hey Jerod,

Quick follow-up! Thank you.

Attaching a PDF template of what we use now. Exploring more within Asana because I know I saw some type of feature for progress tracking and was going to see if that could be adapted. Though I’m imagining it would be difficult to build out something in this format with the existing tools/features that I’m aware of.

Rubric Example.pdf (273 KB)

Thanks @Jordan_DeSimone!

This is really helpful. I think you can absolutely accomplish this using Asana. Here is how I think each aspect of your rubric could be reflected in Asana.

Please note Project Overview and Timeline are Premium features.

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Thank you so much for this. Beautifully laid out.

Definitely going to give this a go this weekend and try to recreate.

Thanks again. Much appreciated. Have a great rest of your weekend and feel free to close out this ticket.