Rights to assign tasks - very strange behavior

Hi all,

We love Asana, but we found something very strange or maybe its just us not understanding.


We work with many different consultants in different projects. They are invited as guests to the the project for a limited time.
What we discovered is that a consultant can asign a task to a guest user that is not part of that project? How is this possible? If they are in a diffrent project with other guests these guests automatically becomes selectable in the asign list even if they are not in the project. This is very dangeroes siince if task is asign the user (not in the project) see the task.

What are we missing here?

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Hi @Markus_Blomqvist, thanks for reaching out!

The level of access a Guest have in your Organization will depend on what you have shared with them. In this case I recommend you to contact our support team and share this information:

  • email addresses of the Guests that can assign tasks to each other
  • URL of an example task that was assigned to a Guest who is not part of the project or team
  • URL of this thread so you don’t need to repeat everything

Our support team will be able to have a closer look and give you more specific details about your question.

We also have a great post from our Certified Pro @Bastien_Siebman with some information to understand what Guests can see. You can check it out here: Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi and thx for reply. I have sent this to support also.

This is what i figured out ( and maybe i am missing something… but it seems crazy)

I have a project X (private and hidden) that i have invited Guest A B C to. Guest A is also a Guest in project Y (private and hidden) with other Guests D E F.

It seems that since Guest A is Guest in both project X and Y she can asign tasks in project A to Guests in project B.

Guest D E F shouldn’t in no circumstances be able to be asign tasks or come up as an possible asignee in a project they are not added. Crazy or is just me tripping out?

Hope this is clear :slight_smile: