Rights restrictions

We are evaluating Asana to manage our projects and portfolios. However before making a decision would like to understand whether or not below is possible. For context, we are geographically distributed team who deliver client projects in market research domain

  1. No user should be able to change due dates ideally once it is assigned. But from the user access levels available it seems it will be possible for people to do it since we would everyone to update status and progress of tasks. Is there a way to do it for all projects?

2, No projects should be deleted or archived (other than the private ones) without approval or consent of central administrator

Wardah Asif

Hi @Wardah_Asif, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Great questions. You can assign comment-only permissions to users in projects however, if the assignee of the task has comment-only access they will still be able to edit the due date.

At this time, it’s not possible to prevent users from deleting projects but we do have an existing request for this feature. Feel free to add your vote to this thread: Prevent Users from Deleting Project

I hope this helps!

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