Reverse the order of comments

I posted the original comment in this thread, and I have totally given up on Asana doing anything about it. It is clear from all the subsequent comments that there is huge support for this change. There has not even been so much as a reply from Asana saying they’re looking at it, or that it can’t be done (if it can, why hasn’t it, Asana?). I love lots about Asana but their lack of response on this issue has left a bad taste


Why, why, why has this not been implemented?

Every time I’m asked whether I would recommend Asana to a friend, my answer is “no” – exclusively for this reaason.

I receive notification of a new comment on a task. I click the task. I am greeted with a comment from three months ago, and scores more that I have to scroll through before I can find the new comment.

This is a waste of time, and a total nightmare on a slow computer. Asana - just provide the option to sort comments by newest to oldest. Please. It seriously harms user experience.


I’m a new user here that’s still trying to see which product is for me…Asana, Monday, BaseCamp, etc. After the second day of testing Asana and posting multiple replies to a conversation and task, I quickly found how inconvenient it was to scroll all the way down to see the newest post. I could only imaging the headache after weeks or months of messages on a certain project. Also, it doesn’t refresh through the app, so you have to either back out, close the app, or scroll to the top of the first msg to refresh to get the newest msg.

Upon searching to see how to filter the order I see this request dated back in 2017 and not a single reply or implement to a feature that is highly requested from the users. Maybe this feat is only available with an upgrade, but I will never know. Moving on to the next platform. Good luck everyone and much success to your endeavors.


@Marie yes this is really hard to understand. This is a basic feature und just simple to integrate. And because it should be a sorting option the users who need it in oldest first would be also happy. Marie could you please explain a little bit for a better understanding why such needs are uncommented from the asana Team for over 2 years?

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Hi @OSTMOST, this feature hasn’t been prioritized yet, I make sure to update this thread as soon as I have more info. In the meantime, with thousands of #productfeedback thread in the Forum, I can’t always comment them all (especially if I don’t have an update), but don’t hesitate to mention me or @Natalia when you have a question!

Have a great weekend!

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I agree, this is the worst aspect of Asana – if my workplace wasn´t already using it I would never choose to do so, and definately not recommend it, simply because of this. Huge waste of time.

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Has this been added? I can’t seem to find an answer… @Yvette_Fulton

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No Gina and no sign of it coming either. So frustrating.

This should really be priorized ASAP. Personally, I got used to it, but it’s true that it’s a waste of time. And it’s very easy/fast to implement as well.


Second to that! Please add it is very annoying to scroll down each time to the latest comment.

Hi @Natalia @Marie to see the most recent first even in this comments forum would be useful. It took me far too long to get to the most recent and action. I googled, reverse order of Asana comments, navigating directly to this thread and wanted to find out if it was in the works and add my vote. That took too long. Additionally, due to the lack of any progress and prioritization, Asana should rethink the design aspect of this practice globally. By understanding the improvement across many areas, the product team should see the value of this change. This is a drag on productivity that occurs 10-20 times a day per team member and causes them to revert to using slack and outlook. This makes my job driving adoption nearly impossible Additionally, since most other applications and tools like the most recent first, some people new tool the tool misunderstand status when quickly checking in like executives . This has lead to us having to open projects with the comment “scroll to the bottom to see the most recent comment.” SO to summarize, you are retarding the adoption of your own tool and making a bad impression on the people that have to pay for it. Now that I am committed to this pilot, I have to play it out. It feel like it is a waste of time with such slim support and lack of transparency into what’s coming on the product road map. You would think product owners would at least try to win me over with new features coming up and a target date for one like this that is 2.5 years old.

@Marie @Natalia Are there updates available on this feature? Is this on the roadmap, and if not, does it stand any chance of being prioritized?

After 2+ years watching this thread, there has been no comment from Asana except to merge the multiple feature requests into one thread. In the same time, the user community has come up with a 3-line-CSS workaround that fixes the issue. What needs to happen for that to be included in the product instead of having to rely on a browser extension?

As has been noted in this thread, the fact this has not been prioritized - combined with the lack of acknowledgement from Asana - negatively impacts net promoter score. Many commenting here have gone on record to say this hinders their willingness and ability to push adoption on their respective teams, especially given what appears to be trivial implementation effort by Asana.


Hi @Jonathan_Banas and thanks for bringing our attention back to this topic. As it stands, we do not share publicly our roadmap, but you can learn how your feedback feeds into it in this post: How we’re listening to your product feedback. As far as I’m aware this feature request hasn’t been prioritized yet, but if this was to change, I’ll be sure to keep you posted via this thread. In the meantime, I’ve escalated a task to our product team to reiterate how important this feature request for everyone who’ve voted here and shared their feedback.

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