Reverse the order of comments

When I open a task, I would like to see the most recent Comments at the top of the Comments feed. I shudder at the time I spend scrolling Comments to find the latest and greatest.

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I am not aware that your request is available. Their is an option to pin a comment to the top of the list with the little drop-down. I wonder what would happen if everybody pinned their comment to the top. Theoretically besides those you want pinned as very important, I wonder if it would reverse order. Have not tried.

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Hi @Kathy_Hawes and apologies for the late follow-up here! Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-order comments at the moment; I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback to allow you and other Forum members to vote for this feature request!

This would be extremely useful. I am more concerned with recent comments as opposed to comments from 6 months ago. An ascending - descending option set at the user level would be excellent.

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In a project I have a few tasks.
For each task, in right side, under description, I have a discussion.
When I receive those discussion my Asana App on my mobile (Android)
the newest post in descriptions is down.
Is there a setting to have the oldest ones on bottom and newest on top ?
Same question for the desktop interface.

Sorry if answer is some where and have not seen.

Kind regards,

Hi Gilles and welcome to the forum. Great question! At this point there is no option to sort the discussion comments so the newest comments are at the top. I am going to move this to the product feedback section of the forum so others can vote on the feature.


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Thank you Katie for your answer, hope every body will vote for that feature :wink:


Hi @Gilles_Testard :wave:t3: and thank you @Katie_Reynolds for jumping in! We actually already have a #productfeedback thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post into this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes on this topic; hope that’s ok!

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Dear Asana-Team, any news if you are considering to realize this feature?

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While waiting for this, if you’ve got a user style sheets extension like Stylus, you can add this:

.TaskStoryFeed { display: flex; flex-direction: column-reverse; }

for The margins are a little bit off when doing that. You can fix those too, but I’d rather just hide all the activity notes (which just get in the way 99% of the time), which fixes the formatting pretty well:

.MiniStory, .FeedMiniStory, .TaskStoryFeed-activitySeparator { display: none; }

If I need the activity/story back, I can just toggle Stylus off. Mind you, I’ve only just done this, so we’ll see how it holds up. :slight_smile:

Need ability to change the order in which comments show. I HATE scrolling to the bottom each time to read the latest. In America we read left to right, top to bottom and it would be nice to do so in Asana.


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For me, comments work fine as is, but some ppl on our team make a good point which is that asana comments are not IMs. Having the latest comment on the top makes it easy to see at glance what’s going on.

Dear Asana-Team, please merge this Feedback with Reverse the order of comments to join the votes!


All done @Hans_Siem_Schweiger :wink:

@Steven_Mascaro Wow, that’s amazing! Perfect workaround! Thank you so much!

@Steven_Mascaro YES! thank you! great workaround. using it now.

Dear lovely Asana peeps—I’ve been using your platform for a good long while. I strongly agree with this feature request (as mentioned, most recent to top should’ve been the default). If you ever do address this, you could also add the ability to filter comments by identity of those following the task, too. Can you post any updates about whether this is in the works, or no? That would be useful, thanks.

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So what is the status of this? Having dropped down to the bottom I can’t see any real response from Asana?