Reverse the order of comments



YES PLEASE!!! I mean, this is as simple as changing the “ORDER BY” in a SELECT statement, right?


I am upvoting this topic. It would definitely make getting the overview of the status of the task much easier to grasp.


Yes, please. I totally agree. Also with the fact, that the history log is unnecessary clutter in the day-to-day running of things. As such, it should be at the bottom and collapsible.


I also would like to see the order of comments changed to allow newest to oldest instead of the current oldest to newest. Seeing the most current comments is more important and what most user, I believe, are looking for. Scrolling down through the comments to get the most current one is very unproductive.


I agree and have voted as well. Plenty agree with this logic.


Fully agree. We need reverse notifications urgently. The most wanted feature in our weekly team meeting using Asana for task tracking.


Could not agree more, please add this feature! Voted as well.


Yes! This is soooo needed. Thank you for posting.


I was just getting ready to request the SAME THING!

Seeing the oldest Comments First does NOT help me. Seeing the Most Recent Comment does help me because that’s almost always what most relevant.

CONTEXT: It would allow me to glance quickly at the Comments stream and see the most recent Comments without scrolling thru the COmments stream.


PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, Asana! :slight_smile:


Yes. Please. Pretty, please. Seriously. Reverse the order. Or allow option. Please. (If not possible, please explain why.)


agreed. This option would be helpful


Right on. That would be great.
I have been using the “pin it to top” for a while now; but it gets annoying because you have too keep doing it.


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Please please please! so much scrolling just to see the most recent comment… makes no sense.


How do I vote for this?! Please make it happen. This issue was raised over a year ago, I can’t believe many members would want the comments to continue in the current, backwards order?


Thanks for taking part into the conversation and for sharing your feedback with us @Richard_Hewlett. To vote for this feature request, simply click on the “Vote” button at the top of this thread!


Even the thread that requests reversing comment order (newest to oldest) seems to be sorted in reverse order (oldest to newest). This is the most annoying “feature” of Asana. To my knowledge, every database has a sort feature that you can select. Thank you.


Increasingly disillusioned with Asana - this request is such a no-brainer I can’t believe they haven’t done it already, or at least offered some meaningful response to myself and the many other users who have voted for and commented on this topic as to why it can’t be done. Now looking for alternatives to Asana since a browse of the forums suggest this is typical of their attitude.


Get in here and vote or this then too - its similar to what you’re talking about :slight_smile: