Request "WaveApps" Direct Integration


I think “WaveApps” is the future of accounting for small businesses. I use it and I was able to start taking credit cards on the same day.

I have an “Accounting” project within my main Company team within Asana

Within my “Accounting” project, this is how I use the project…

Accounts Payable: (people that we owe) // section
task 1
task 2
task 3

Accounts Receivable: (people that owe us money) //section
task 1
task 2
task 3
hopefully these outnumber the other list

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was some kind of direct (non Zapier) integration, where i check off the “accounts payable” task and then that person would automatically get paid based on some kind of workflow that is already setup within Asana/WaveApps?

because now-- I actually have to go and PAY that person, then check it off as a task; you might think I’m being neurotic again, but this is an extra step that I don’t think I should be doing; and the larger my company grows, the more people I have to pay, and it’s starting to get annoying


For those who aren’t aware, WaveApps is an invoicing accounting software for small businesses.

Thanks for spelling out your process @FATBOY. It’s good to know you have an Asana Accounting project and would find an integration helpful. You mention Zapier. Are you using WaveApps with Zapier right now? If yes, how is it going? What makes you interested in a non-Zapier integration?

@Community - do you integrate Asana into your accounting process? If yes, how? What works, what could be improved?


the Zapier integration only allows us to “create new customer” it is really limited and not that helpful


As a WaveApp user, I would welcome a tighter integration! :slight_smile:


Feedback noted! :slight_smile:


but I’d prefer the development team add a direct message feature first lol. charge me $1 every time I do it to limit my usage of it, but often I need to do it, like 4 times per month. So it will add $4/month to my cost.