Request: Hide tasks that aren't due in My Tasks (In Project Sort view)




I very much like to NOT see a task until it’s ready to be done. I love the Incomplete View + Sort by Project, but the final step would be if I could HIDE tasks that have a due date of X days away.

Currently what I do is go through my projects and when I see Green or Red due dates, I’ll Assign To Me so that it appears in My Tasks.

Ideally I’d be able to just keep EVERYTHING that is supposed to be assigned to me, assigned to me by default. And then set the due date for the task for say 2 weeks out. Then as that due date approaches, that task will appear in My Tasks view automatically under the Project it belongs to. (Remember I want this in Project sort, not the None sort option that sort of does this automatically).

While I’m at it, this could technically be two different things. A Defer Date (a la Omnifocus style) AND a Due Date option. A Defer Date will just completely hide the task from My Tasks until that defer date comes up, but it doesn’t mean the task is technically DUE. It just becomes available.

Being able to do this would remove a ton of extra work for a user who wants to only see what’s available to do, and also have some tasks automatically appear as they come up to the due date.


Hi Ryan,

What you describe here is the existing functionality of My Tasks. Have you tried using the Today / Upcoming / Later functionality in My Tasks? This will hide the tasks that aren’t due until they’re automatically populated at the top of your My Tasks a few days before they’re due.

This is an interesting idea. Thanks for the feedback! I personally have a defer date / due date process that I use in Asana. If something has a hard due date, I’ll make that clear in a task. If it doesn’t have a hard due date but I want to be reminded to work on it, I’ll set an approximate due date, then be reminded of the task, and adjust the due date as necessary.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response Alexis!

Basically what I’m looking for is that same functionality- hide Upcoming/Later tasks until the due date arrives- when I’m in the Sort: Project view. Currently I can only hide upcoming/later tasks in the Sort: None view. (Unless I’m mistaken.)


Ah, yes that is indeed the case. You are not mistaken. When you’re in project view you will see a different icon next to the tasks for today, upcoming and later.

Thanks for letting us know this is something you’re looking for!


I went back to using this functionality instead of staying in Sort: by Project view. Having my task groupings color coded let’s me now use the Today / Upcoming / Later view as intended where tasks make their way up to the top, while still allowing me to execute them in groups based on a color coding system.

You might have been on to something there! :grin: