Request for Tab+T Functionality Restoring


First off, thank you very much to the Asana team for bringing tags back to the my tasks page so quickly!

I have additional feedback regarding how it works with this new view (along with all of spreadsheets view). With the new spreadsheet view, we no longer have the ability to use tab+T to add tags when tasks are multi selected. It only works when a single task is selected and we see details view. Now to add tags to multiple tasks, we have to multi-select, and add to one of them in the spreadsheet view. The spreadsheet way of doing it is nice, but adding full tab+T functionality back in would be really appreciated.

It seems that some recent changes have been doing away with the ease of adding metadata through the keyboard. When I started to use asana over four years ago, I loved how much could get done with just keyboard shortcuts. I’m fine with new functionality being added (spreadsheet view) but it’s a bit frustrating that over time, some old functionality is being removed (functionality that maximized efficiency, and kept me very happy as an asana user)

Hi @Brian_Fanelli, thanks for sharing this feedback with us! I’ll sent your feedback to our product team so it can be consider in future updates. I’ll keep you posted once we have any news!