Bulk Add Tag to Tasks?

I seem to have lost the ability to select a bunch of tasks, and apply a tag to them all at once. Now when I select multiple tasks, instead of seeing the summary number of tasks in the detail pane with the ability to assign them to tags there, instead I get the little pop-up at the bottom, which would be fine except that there is no option to assign tags there.

Also, the Tab-T shortcut does not work when multiple tasks are selected, either. In fact, Tab-T doesn’t work if you have merely clicked in a task, unless you open the Details in the details pane.

Am I missing something here? If anyone can tell me how to bulk add tags, I’d be very grateful, thanks!


I got some help from this thread: Allow to open task details when multi-selecting tasks and also found that once you select the Tags column to be visible, after you multi-select, you can click on the tag column and add a tag like that (the comments I read said that you can tab through the columns and do it like that also).

I don’t know if I would have found it without the help of the forum here. It’s a completely new way of doing it, and no tooltips appeared to show me that - they only showed up on the multi-select popup (and keep showing up even after I click ‘Got it’).

Maybe Asana could also add ‘Add tag’ to the multiselect popup (and not require the column to be visible!), that’d be helpful.


Hi @Sarah_L and thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for the trouble here! I totally understand your point. This is a new update and your feedback is very important for us. I would recommend you to cast your vote and comment on the thread you have found: Allow to open task details when multi-selecting tasks

Please have a look at the following Guide article to learn more about this new update: How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana

I hope it helps Sarah! Have a great Thursday!