Reopen right task details after selecting multiple tasks

With the latest UI changes, the right side bar closes when more than one task is selected. When a single task is selected after, the right side bar stays closed and has to be manually re-opened. This takes extra, unneeded time, my request would be to reopen automatically or allow the side bar to be “pinned” open.

To reproduce:

  1. Select a single task
  2. Click on Details to open the right side task bar
  3. Select 2 tasks
  4. Note the right side task bar has disappeared
  5. Select 1 task
  6. Note that the right side task bar does not appear
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Hi @John_Taylor, thanks for reaching out! If you wish to open the details of one task in the sidebar after multi selecting other tasks you need to click the section highlighted in the screenshot below:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 09.30.44

We give customers both options and if you prefer not to open the task details in the sidebar, you can simply click the dots icon:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 09.33.35

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Hi Emily,
Yes understood. My request is that the side bar automatically reopen. This adds extra clicking that did was not present in the interface in the past.

I’m new to Asana and I just watched a youtube video tutorial where the person demonstrated clicking on multiple tasks, then in the details pane, unassigned all of the tasks from himself in one click. It seems that is not possible now. When selecting multiple tasks, if you hover over the ‘Details’ link as in your example and click it, you’re then only editing that one task. How can the properties of the multi-selection bee edited?

Welcome @Fred_Hughes and thanks for your feedback! You can still unassign several tasks at once, see screenshot below:

You need to hover over the name and click the X icon.