Request for sub-organizations on a domain for teams

I am requesting that the ability to create a sub-organization be offered to address barriers with clutter of projects.

If I use a workspace with the employees and student workers in my department, I can’t develop teams. And all of the projects on the left sidebar get very overwhelming, very quickly. Even using naming connections and clustering, it’s not very usable for us. We have teams/groupings that address big areas like social media, media relations, graphic design, web design, writing, etc. Then we have lots of projects within those areas, as well as just random personal task tracking for each team member.

But I don’t want to join our university organization because that is far, far, far bigger than we would need and sifting through the various teams that I’d never need to interact with feel unnecessary. I’d like to be able to develop teams within our department in an organization for our department so various groupings of people can work on projects and users can have a unified inbox of tasks. With some sort of visual break between the teams and their projects.

I can’t seem to find a way to divvy up thing in a reasonable way unless I create separate workspaces for various teams, but then users don’t have a unified inbox of tasks without a third-party service.

Or, if I keep everything in one workspace or the organization, then it becomes very cluttered with a ton of projects for all the teams and the team projects.

Unless I am missing some basic organization that we can do? Anyone else found this to be a gap and find some way to address it? Thanks!

@Lisa_Catto, As just a possible workaround if/until that becomes available (and I think sub-divisions of organizations have been shown in Asana future concept videos), have you considered making some Teams Hidden so as to un-clutter some users’ sidebars? Also, I know there’s the concept of Divisions (Adding new teams within a premium Division Team) which seems related, but I don’t think that will address your need.



Thank you so much, Larry!

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