Reports on Historical Data

We have a portfolio of projects where each Task represents a page on the website to be optimized. We use sections in the project and a custom field to denote status of the page being worked. Looking for a way to run a report on how many tasks in each project once held the status of “Edits Requested” - not just those that currently have this status, but if they were ever denoted as such.

Did you see this? Does it answer your need?

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No, unfortunately. This is not a question on time, but on historical Status or if a specific Custom Field option was ever selected over the lifetime of the Task.

Edit: OHH, I see what you mean! How much “time” a task spent with a specific Custom Field option. That could work for us, but would the time spent skew the number I’m looking for? I need to know how MANY tasks were needing to be edited, and not how long it took a few to be looked over…

I am not sure what you need is possible. @Julien_RENAUD ?

You can do this with an additional custom field, and a rule that changes this field when the job has passed through the modification stage. The only purpose of this field would therefore be to say whether or not there has been a modification one day.

Do you see what I mean?

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I do! Thank you for the help.

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