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I am needing to get a snapshot of the total number of non-archived teams (and projects + tasks under each team) across my organisation. Is there a way I can capture this without manually counting them? In reporting, I can only get total task count, and can’t see anywhere to get a total count of teams or projects.


Hi @Hannah38

In the Reporting feature (in the Insights section of the sidebar), you can create such a report:

Projects by team

Remark : you need the Business version (or above) to report on Projects

Tasks for each team

I hope that helps.
There is maybe (even) better way to do that :wink:

Many thanks Arthur! I see I don’t have the account level to report on projects but I’ll work with the above!

Thanks again!!

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Awesome, good luck :wink:

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Welcome, @Hannah38,

If you have a plan where an Asana Admin can access the Admin Console, you can get exactly what you’re looking for easily, as above. And at Admin Console • Asana Product Guide note that the tip indicates the Project count excludes archived projects.



PS @Arthur_BEGOU, feel free to incorporate this or mark as solution, as appropriate.


Thanks Larry, much simpler :wink:

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Thanks so much Ipb - that’s great!


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