Reporting Dashboard Open to Advanced Searches

Our team has recently been using the Reporting Dashboards to build out reports on a per-team basis. However, it is hard to tell what tasks the numbers are tying back to. When you create a chart in the Reporting Dashboard, there are times when it says “+# more” in the corner. If you click that, it takes you to the “Advanced Search” to show what tasks are included. However, with the charts that do not need to be expanded, there is no way to get to the task list feeding the specific chart.
Since it is possible with the charts that need to be expanded I am hopeful this is a reasonable request!

Hi @Heather_Lamb, thanks for reaching out!

It is possible to open any chart out to a report by clicking the results on the chart itself. If you are using a bar chart, for example, simply click one of the bars.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca –

Thanks for reaching out! I sent a note to support, and they said it was not possible which is why I reached out. Here is my question though… when I click on one of the bars in the bar chart, I only get the tasks associated to that specific bar, not the entire graph. So for example, if I pull a report of ALL tasks in ALL projects but the bar graph separates them out by project, if I click a bar I only get the tasks associated to that one project, not all of the tasks in the report.

Does this make sense? Happy to provide screenshots if that would be helpful.



Hi @heather_lamb, thanks for getting back to me!

Thanks for clarifying. This is currently expected behaviour. I’ll keep you posted if this is something our Product team makes any changes to! :slight_smile:

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