Report Dashboards: Allow Shared Users to Edit

Definitely could use this for our teams at our company. Thanks for any help!

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+1 on this request, PLEASE!

+1 please

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Is there an estimated time for delivery for this feature? We use reporting to determine velocity for a six sprint rolling average and needs to be updated after the close of a sprint. In the event the creator is out, someone else should be able to edit the report objects. Thank you!

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+1 on this request!



Latest we’re creating autmations and reportings in ASANA and thats really cool and helpful for our dily workflow, but i saw that we can’t add more than a reporting owner or at least admin or editor, so i propose that you can create an admin hierarchy for reporting too.

I hope that this could be created.


Asana does not share details about the roadmap, but if you hang in there you might be notified when they start roll it out!

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+1 on this request! Please :pray:

Having a public sharing link to personal created dashboards would be very beneficial for users not involved with the project but are still needing to see metrics for it.

+1 vote on this one!