Repeating Task go to date when completed and overdue

In my business I provide a series of services to my clients on a repeating basis (let’s say a weekly sales report). If my week 1 sales report is due in week 2 but gets issued in week 3 and we check off the task that repeats weekly, the next due date is in week 4 for the week 3 sales report. It skips any past due dates and goes straight to the next upcoming one. This seems like it should be a toggle to turn on or off. In many workflows that week 2 would still need to be done!

Can you share a screenshot of the recurring pattern you chose on the task please?

This is a task for a job we do for every month but usually finish a couple weeks late. The interesting thing is that when I check this task off the date that appears is not even Dec 31 (the next future calendar date) but Jan 31st.

Since this is a list of items we have to complete after every month, ideal for me would be for the next due date to be November 30.

You are perfectly correct, I ran some test and the “weekly” recurring pattern does not behave the same way, and does offer previous missed ocurences, not skipping them like the monthly pattern. @Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath should we move to Bugs or is it intended behavior?

@Jen_Tryggvason to be sure you should create “real recurring tasks” using a tool like mine :slight_smile:

Thank you for checking on this! I’m curious to hear if this is a bug or intended behavior. I’ll be pretty happy if this ends up being a bug and gets ironed out. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the option of the tool for “real recurring tasks”. I’ll keep it in mind if that workflow ends up working better for me for a job. Cheers!

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