Repeating Overdue Daily Tasks

is there a way to check off a repeating task and have it populate to the most current date so that is is no longer overdue? For example I have a daily repeating tasks, and I miss Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is now Monday. I click off Friday task as complete and want it to show up as now due today, Monday. But instead, it lists as overdue on Saturday. Is my only option to manually change the due date for Monday? Thanks!

Welcome, @Lori_Stringer,

Yes, I believe your best option is to change the due date as you suggested; that’s what I do!


Instead of choosing the daily recurring you should choose “Periodically, one day after completion”. You’ll always get the next task the next day.

This was exactly what I was about to post.

@Lori_Stringer do you own the task or is it set for you by someone else?

excellent, I think this is the solution! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

I own the task, but I also assign and manage others so want to make sure I set it up properly if it isn’t mine as well.
Thanks for the response

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