Recurring tasks in My Tasks that are overdue get hidden on the LATER section

We have the setting turned on so that completed recurring tasks go to the last section in My Tasks, and have also created rules so that tasks due today get moved into TODAY when the day comes.

However, if you have a recurring task that you allow to become overdue, and then the next occurence of the task is in the past, it will go into the later view and never come back up again automatically.

For example, if I have a task I’m meant to do every day, and it’s Wednesday, and I tick off it’s completion for Monday, it moves it to LATER with it’s next occurence being Tuesday and then stays in LATER permanently.

Previously, before the updates to MY TASKS, a recurring task that was overdue would reappear in TODAY after being marked as completed, and then only move to UPCOMING or LATER once the due date was in the future.

How can we put this back in place?

Indeed if the task is already overdue when created, it won’t auto-promote. I don’t know how to help, @ambforumleader any idea?

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@Pete_Maunder - this doesn’t perfectly resolve the issue but since you have up to 20 triggers, you could technically set a rule that assigns an overdue task to a preferred section (other than Later) as a variety of milestones are reached. In this example I am assuming that task won’t often be a year old when created so I have built weekly milestones to catch any long overdue items. In your instance, perhaps there is a more immediate timeframe you can set. I know many users like to treat Later as a “graveyard” or “parking lot”, this rule will rule work forward that they perhaps don’t want to see until a rainy day when they are ready to seek old work out. For this reason, setting the timeframe is key. Anyhow, here is one thing you can do…

Unfortunately this workaround requires a Business or Enterprise license to take advantage of The Custom Rule Builder.


This is a big frustration for me as well since the update to my tasks. Problem for me is that I am still on the free edition so I am limited in the use of rules.

Many repeating tasks fall off the radar for this very reason which is incredibly frustrating.

Same here - on the free version.

This used to work with no issues before Asana decided to “upgrade” the My Tasks section.

WOW - this is a great utilisation of rules for my task! :slight_smile:

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I can see the frustruation when the feature used to move tasks from Late to Upcoming to Today automatically depending on due date.

Since you are on free version and cannot use rules, here are couple of workarounds:

  1. if you use list view: you can go to sort and select due date: this will give you an instant view of all tasks with their due dates. While you will gain full view what is being late, the downside is that the list will be presented in order of due date and not within their sections (assuming you still operate under 3 sections of Today - Upcoming and Later). All the tasks with due dates will appear on top.
  2. If you use the board view, you can still sort by due date and the tasks will appear within their own selected sections and in the order of oldest to newest - so you wont miss out on any tasks

Both of these: views and sorting are part of the free licesnce and you can benefit from them. It will take a bit of shift to get used to navigating through your workload, but once you do it, it becomes natural.

And finally, what I suggest is creating a product feedback thread asking asana to offer a single rule (free of charge) for users to enjoy when using their free licenses. and the rule is simple:
If the task is due within 72 hours (eitherside of the due date) move it to the top of My Task (or any section that you choose). This rule will then help you overcome the reocrruing tasks.

I hope this helps.


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