Removing the "Pronoun" in the profile

I need to remove the “Pronoun” field in the profile. How do I remove this now?

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Hi @Jerome_Hernandez and welcome to the Forum!

To remove the Pronoun field you just need to

  • Click on your Profile picture
  • Click on “My Profile Settings”
  • Click on the Profile Tab >> remove the information in the Pronoun field.

You can learn more about it in the following guide article: How to control your profile settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps Jerome! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, can I remove it from my entire organization?

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Just curious: why do you want to remove it?


It is not relevant

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Hi @Jerome_Hernandez! As it stands, each person will have to manually remove it from its profile following those steps.

Please let me know if you need further assistance! Have a great Monday!

This has to be a universal option per company. How do we initiate this change? Sorry, but this is not a relevant question. You would not ask me if I was a republican or Democrat. So this field is out of line.

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I have the same issue, I also find that “pronouns” are not a relevant feature for any personal settings in general and my organization in particular.

Can we have an option to get rid of it?

Agreed. This feature must be optional at the org level. And “ambassador - forum leaders” should not be asking customers for reasons for feature requests under the guise of “just curious”. That is inappropriate. We’re here to discuss the product and how to get value from it to move our companies forward… not to debate social issues/trends.

I’d like to make the point that many of us want to keep this field in the profile (since no one has voiced that opinion in this thread yet) and support Asana’s choice to include it.

Asana has an implicit, at least, design goal to avoid configuration options as much as possible to keep the product simpler to end-users, admin/setup, and minimize code complexity and maintain high quality. So it’s common for them to implement features without a configuration option as requested in this thread.

They thoughtfully implemented this feature so that if you choose not to fill in your pronouns in the profile, your profile appears to others without any reference whatsoever to pronouns. That is, you don’t see:

Name: Larry Berger
Pronouns: [blank]

you just see:

Name: Larry Berger

I support the feature and the design choice as the best approach given Asana’s design principles.



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